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Philosoraptor strikes again…

Actually, yeah, that’s how it was explained to me. Not when I was a Catholic, but by both a Christopagan and a student of world religions. Yaweh isn’t the only god, but the primary god within Christianity. That’s just been sort of…forgotten? Or just ignored. Dunno. But it’s an interesting thing to think about, yeah?

One of the things that pisses me off pretty instantly is when people assume my gods “must be demons” because of this statement. Not only does it make no sense, it’s just rude.

Uhm, I can’t speak for Christians, but it’s pretty commonly accepted for Jews that there are other Gods. They’re just “wrong” for Jews to worship because the Jewish people have a covenant with Yahweh. It’d be like being oathed to Odin but running off and worshiping Zeus instead.

Most Christians deny the existence of any other god but Yaweh, and claim that any others you may be interacting with are demons trying to drive you away from god.

Well…certain Christians anyhow, Catholics ect. Some sects believe there are more than one god.

Personally I’m Christian and don’t deny the possibility of other gods existing besides the big guy upstairs. I figure if life on earth is this amazing and diverse why would “life” beyond the physical scope be limited to just “God, angels, demons?”

didn’t Christian demonology turn a Phoenician goddess Astarte into a demon called Astaroth or something like that

It was the commandment stating that God was the only lawful one to worship. The notion of other gods is debated, but what makes a god is that the being is something worshipped and is sentient, so the statement of a god being demonic is somewhat plausible, as many things like a tree, a demon, animals, etc have been called a god.

Point in case, the commandment wasn’t supposed to deny or affirm existence of other gods so much as state that part of His covenant is “only Me do you claim and adore as your God”. Differences between god and God being one is a namesake and the other a categorization of something, among others.

I’ve learned stuff today and it was great

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